If you’ve been searching for jackets for women, then the search is over..



I’ve just been notified that work is sending me overseas in December for 6 weeks to help out with an international conference and trade show. It’s a great opportunity and I’m so excited. It’s in Berlin in Germany, which is a city I’ve been desperate to visit for a long time. Obviously I’m going to need to do a bit of shopping before I go – after all, it’s going to be winter over there in December and everywhere in Melbourne is only really stocking summer stock. I searched for winter jackets for women online and came across Toscani. They’re a boutique store based in Brisbane that luckily can ship to Melbourne and I found myself a stunning winter jacket that’s going to be perfect for the Berlin winter. It’s nice and thick and made of wool, and I can see myself wearing it every day over there. So for beautiful jackets for women, I’d suggest Toscani every time.