Throw a Wonderful Kid’s Superhero Party

There are quite popular superheroes and more obscure ones – you’re spoiled for choice – (you can also formulate a superhero of your own!)

The focus of this party can be to “into a wrong” or to train in the “Superhero Academy”.

When the children arrive they can be put on some “mission”.

A fun way to play it is to have the child pick out a superpower and have them tell you all about it, (you could even video tape it… kids do say some funny things and their imaginations are a wonder to behold).

Send out Superhero Invitations with a poem:

Batman, Robin or X-Man?

Have the kids RSVP to: ” Supermum / Superdad ”

Superhero Party Decorations

  • Incorporate comics to your style, you can trace certain comic excerpts to poster board for vibrant decorations.
  • Cut the heads from some old comic books and substitute pictures of your child’s head (tape it to the back side of the comic and post it to the wall (easy to do with photo shop but can be done with scissors and tape.
  • Hang the action heroes that your child has from the ceiling.
  • Make a fake newspaper with a headline with your child as the hero, print it up ledger size or bigger.
  • Break out the musical score from a superhero movie (like Superman).
  • Make bunting (a set of cut triangles attached to a series) out of brightly coloured papers (that match the superhero of choice or out of comics which have been colour photocopied on to office paper.
  • The decorations will be determined by the type of superhero party that you’re having. Some kids can be very particular about their loyalty to certain superheroes. We know a boy who loves Spiderman but does not care for Superman. The most popular superheroes would likely be Superman, Spiderman, and Batman.
  • For Superman attempt a telephone booth (made with an appliance box)
  • For Spiderman a massive web (manufactured from ribbon/string/streamers). Make the radiating “spokes” of the web first and then weave the circular bits starting from the centre and wrapping around each spoke as you work your way to the edges.
  • Set up signs: “No villains/Doc Ocs/Green Goblins not permitted”. , ZAP! , ZOWIE! BLAM!.
  • Purchase a Bat-related item in the post-Halloween reduction sales.

Superhero Outfits

  • Ask your guests to come dressed in solid bright colours: red, orange, yellow,¬†green, blue and purple.
  • As soon as they arrive kids can be “super-hero-fired” by adding “capes” (created from pieces of fabric/thin towels), and eye masks (could be made out of cardboard)
  • Cut out some foam symbols and stick/tape/pin it to their chests for an extremely effective superhero outfit.
  • Headbands and Belts can be made from duct tape if you are crafty.
  • Get out the face paints and do face painting

Superhero Party Activities

(Holy Pinata Batman!

  • Play “Pass the Kryptonite” while playing the theme from Superman and whoever is holding the kryptonite is gone.
  • Have the children use plastic “sticky hands” to attempt to retrieve special items.
  • Give them silly series and watch them go wild (make sure you have your camera handy).
  • Give them tests to prove their superhero-worthiness:
  • Test their heads: Have them answer the Riddler’s questions, (possibly in order to recover some stolen thing in a “treasure hunt” scenario). Do a memory test (show them a series of items and then secretly remove one and have them guess.)
  • Evaluation their “brute strength”: Breaking things with their bare hands (styrofoam meat trays), breaking balloons with their bare hands (may be quite difficult).
  • Test their precision: Throwing frisbees, catching ping-pong balls, breaking balloons with a dart, throwing bean bags in a target.
  • Also, try obstacle courses and relay races.
  • Interview the Superheros about their particular abilities and videotape them (it’s even funnier to watch years later!)
  • One activity we’ve seen on the internet (via Steve Spangler) would be to have the child stand at the middle of a wading pool full of a bubble solution. You take a hula hoop that’s submerged in the pool and pull the resulting bubble upwards thereby encasing the child in a giant bubble and then snap a picture at the moment that the child is within the bubble walls… great fun!

Superhero Party Food

  • “Mr Freeze” punch (you may fill washed latex gloves with water and freeze for crazy wild ice hands to float in the punch bowl).
  • Jello is superhero brightly coloured and fun to eat… if you layer the glowing jello colours one at a time it can look great (just make certain that the layer is fully set before you add the next layer). Cut into squares or place them into clear glasses (plastic ones if the kids are young).
  • Give them carrots and chat about vitamin A and laser vision (it is a fact that vitamin A is good for your eyes!)
  • Cut out sandwiches in the shape of star bursts or diamonds or bats (depends on the superhero).
  • Try to get them to eat some spinach (tell them about its magical vitamin-rich powers!)
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