Pool fences in Bali Villas, can they be organised?

For most families traveling to Bali and staying in Bali Villas the thought of not having a pool fence is terrifying. Once point to know is that the laws in Indonesia are far from the laws and quality control systems that we have here in Australia which means that a good percentage, let me correct that, nearly all the swimming pools in the villas are without fences.\

There has been a lot of publicity recently in the Australian press about a tragic incident that happened when a toddler wondered off and drowned in a pool in one of the villas. This has set a cat among the pigeons where people have suddenly woken up and realised the extreme danger of not having any type of protection from stray children and youngsters in villas. Many Aussie parents heading off to Bali now all aggress that the accommodation especially if it’s a private pool villa needs to have or be able to hire a pool fence.

The question on most future villa goers is how do they organise pool fencing at such short notice and how much will it cost. Well, the good news is that most tour operators, real estate agents, and villa management companies such as Bali Villa Escapes will have access to contacts and security companies that can install some type of protective barriers or pool fencing at very short notice. Remember, this is Bali and things can happen very quickly here and most businesses are open 7 days.

So if your planning to travel to Bali with children under the age of 6 we strongly recommend that you inquire about pool fencing and have this organised prior to arrival. In terms of costing you may be looking at a few hundred dollars but this is relatively nothing when it comes to the safety and security of your children’s  well being.

Most of the fences are easily erected and most companies can have the fence installed anywhere in Bali, Seminyak, Legian, Ubud, Kuta or Canggu that day you want it. If your concerned about the quality of the fence and the standards that were used to build it, well, that’s something you have to judge for yourself once it’s installed. Have a thorough check and make sure it’s secure, tight with no loopholes or areas where your little ones can crawl through or open up. Give it the once over and when you’re satisfied it’s safe then you can start to relax and enjoy your holiday in Bali. After all, this is all about having some family fun and you have paid to be here so you might as well go on and enjoy yourself!