Evolution of women’s Swimwear

Swimming like a sport was launched in the Olympic Games as 1896 in Athens.

Preserving the changing situations, swimwear in addition has seen an evolution. While in the days when swimming was largely a military craft, knights needed to learn to swim with their armour on. Of course, you won’t get anyone carrying an armour while swimming today! But in comparison with contemporary swimwear, swimwear in the 1920’s may appear like an armour for some. In fact, till as recently whilst the early 20th century, women swimwear had to include feet, hands and the neck.

Consequently, ladies swimwear started getting smaller, although shrinkage was steady. From completely lined gowns, by the early 20th century, women’s swimwear graduated to fully lined container suits to 2 piece gowns. In of a decade, arms and the legs of the tank suits began getting smaller, thus revealing over their predecessors. From the mid-20th century, present day swimwear once we know it, began making an appearance with two-piece swimsuits and corset swimwear, for within the legs with short skirts, spandex and plastic turned the preferred material for their stretch properties.

If you’ve been searching for jackets for women, then the search is over..



I’ve just been notified that work is sending me overseas in December for 6 weeks to help out with an international conference and trade show. It’s a great opportunity and I’m so excited. It’s in Berlin in Germany, which is a city I’ve been desperate to visit for a long time. Obviously I’m going to need to do a bit of shopping before I go – after all, it’s going to be winter over there in December and everywhere in Melbourne is only really stocking summer stock. I searched for winter jackets for women online and came across Toscani. They’re a boutique store based in Brisbane that luckily can ship to Melbourne and I found myself a stunning winter jacket that’s going to be perfect for the Berlin winter. It’s nice and thick and made of wool, and I can see myself wearing it every day over there. So for beautiful jackets for women, I’d suggest Toscani every time.

The Designer Bridal Room saved my wedding

Looking back, my wedding day was by far the happiest day of my life. Everything was perfect and exactly how I’d imagined it would be ever since I was only a little girl. However, disaster struck only a month before the big day. The wedding dress I’d ordered online from a designer overseas had failed to show up. Gone. Vanished. Between the designer and the delivery service we couldn’t track it down – to make matters worse, it was the last one in stock and I couldn’t get another one shipped to me at all. They were more than happy to give me a refund but it wasn’t much help. I went into crisis mode and began searching for a new dress every day – during my lunch break, after work, every spare second I had.


Thankfully, I came across The Designer Bridal Room. I fell in love immediately and forgot all about my missing dress. These guys are so far above anything I’d come across before – each dress was so unique and the level of detail in each one was staggering. I chose a gorgeous strapless gown that fit like a glove and didn’t cost a fortune, either. For beautiful wedding dress shops Melbourne wide, head straight to The Designer Bridal Room.

Mens Jeans At Another Level


Sometimes it seems like designers only really care about women’s fashion. It’s pretty obvious women are prepared to spend more on fashion than men and care more about it generally. That doesn’t mean guys don’t care.

If you walk around inner Melbourne it won’t take long to realise us blokes aren’t too shabby around here and finding quality designers that put as much effort into their men’s lines as they do their women’s is always worth mentioning. I buy mens jeans online from Nobody Jeans for precisely this reason. They clearly care about their line and men’s fashion generally and it really does show in the finished product.

When it comes to the rest of my wardrobe, I also do a decent amount of shopping at Aquila, from just selling shoes, they now also sell a great range of general men’s clothing.