Reasons Why Granny Flats are Worth Choosing


There is always an increasing price of property and it relates to the expensive building materials and the increase of land value. This is especially in such a big city like Melbourne.

Many people are starting to build granny flats in their backyards that do not require the high cost of building materials.

Any home owner with a decent size yard can have granny flats or bungalows built. They are fabricated on the manufacturer’s location and set up on the home owners’ desired part of the backyard.

Elpor Granny Flat Melbourne do not only pay attention to luxury in every inch of the flat, but they seriously provide total comfort through high-class amenities, without taking the eco-friendly aspect for granted. This is why their granny flats were awarded with 6-star energy rating.

Choices of granny flat design

When it comes to the options of the granny flat designs, Elpor provide flexibility to choose your desired layout. They can choose the one with two or three bedrooms, additional veranda’s, extra bathroom, pantry, kitchen, laundry facilities and many more.

Want a garden but don’t have the space? Try a vertical herb garden



My sister has just recently moved into an apartment in town to start at a new job she’s just been given. It’s great as I already lived in the city and now we get to see each other a lot more than we used to when she lived a couple of hours away. She’s a big lover of gardening – at her old place, both the front yard and the back yard were full of garden beds, flowers, vegies, trees both big and small – it was like a forest back there. Unfortunately for her, the new apartment hasn’t got that sort of space. In fact, she’s on the third floor and doesn’t have a backyard at all. I know how much a little bit of greenery means to her so I thought I’d do some research and find out some alternatives. I came across a vertical herb garden which seemed like a good idea. O2 Plant Walls is a great little business that specialise in the design and construction of vertical gardens, perfect for space-deprived apartments. I organised to have it installed on my sister’s balcony and she loved it! That little touch of green makes all the difference and I have to admit it really does look great.