Pool fences in Bali Villas, can they be organised?

For most families traveling to Bali and staying in Bali Villas the thought of not having a pool fence is terrifying. Once point to know is that the laws in Indonesia are far from the laws and quality control systems that we have here in Australia which means that a good percentage, let me correct that, nearly all the swimming pools in the villas are without fences.\

There has been a lot of publicity recently in the Australian press about a tragic incident that happened when a toddler wondered off and drowned in a pool in one of the villas. This has set a cat among the pigeons where people have suddenly woken up and realised the extreme danger of not having any type of protection from stray children and youngsters in villas. Many Aussie parents heading off to Bali now all aggress that the accommodation especially if it’s a private pool villa needs to have or be able to hire a pool fence.

The question on most future villa goers is how do they organise pool fencing at such short notice and how much will it cost. Well, the good news is that most tour operators, real estate agents, and villa management companies such as Bali Villa Escapes will have access to contacts and security companies that can install some type of protective barriers or pool fencing at very short notice. Remember, this is Bali and things can happen very quickly here and most businesses are open 7 days.

So if your planning to travel to Bali with children under the age of 6 we strongly recommend that you inquire about pool fencing and have this organised prior to arrival. In terms of costing you may be looking at a few hundred dollars but this is relatively nothing when it comes to the safety and security of your children’s  well being.

Most of the fences are easily erected and most companies can have the fence installed anywhere in Bali, Seminyak, Legian, Ubud, Kuta or Canggu that day you want it. If your concerned about the quality of the fence and the standards that were used to build it, well, that’s something you have to judge for yourself once it’s installed. Have a thorough check and make sure it’s secure, tight with no loopholes or areas where your little ones can crawl through or open up. Give it the once over and when you’re satisfied it’s safe then you can start to relax and enjoy your holiday in Bali. After all, this is all about having some family fun and you have paid to be here so you might as well go on and enjoy yourself!

Vehicle Inspections Secure Your Safety

Vehicle Inspections are the procedure for having the car inspected by a qualified company which is a requirement by state or regional governments. An automobile examination requires examination and the screening of various regions of the automobile to ensure the automobile is secure and safe for the roads. The inspection will examine the vehicle for correctly operating security features like the headlights, the horn, the break lights as well as the wheels themselves. If these aren’t working or are currently working incorrectly, your car can be granted un-road worthy.

These tests have emissions tests. When the pollutants are also risky for that atmosphere the vehicle will have to possess the issue looked over with a technician and won’t complete inspection after which the vehicle should be examined again.

Car inspections in Melbourne should be done yearly after the initial purchase. Lots of people rave about the convenience of Ace Mechanics and it is certainly hard to go past. They are a mobile mechanic that come to you and it is definitely great to have someone come to your house or office to convenient you. A car is a serious bit of machinery. Apart from it being incredibly valuable, we rely on it, so being without it while it is being checked is a big issue.

Quick Tips For Finding The Best Business Lawyer

Whenever a legal situation occurs what exactly do we do? Do we call an attorney who is in the appropriate area or manage it ourselves? For most people, the notion of calling a business lawyer might be scary. They may not really know how to actually select a lawyer, so they may end up not calling one, even though they need one. However, research your options before you employ/or your company employ an attorney. If you’re confronted with severe medical or legal issues, you have to make an educated decision about who you want to represent you. It does not have to be expensive or difficult, because presented here are some quick ideas that may make it easier getting the perfect business lawyer.

Would I represent myself?

You are the best to represent yourself. However, regulations change and are very complicated. If you don’t devote 100% of your energy into training yourself learning all these regulations, you’ll have a great possibility of losing stands. You might effortlessly overlook a legitimate element affecting your situation that’ll occasionally provide unexpected legal effects that may be expensive and challenging to undo. Therefore, you have to consider the advantages and the dangers of addressing it yourself vs. selecting a business lawyer to represent you.

How do you pick the “right” business lawyer?

Picking out a lawyer is definitely an individual matter. But, just like with any providers, the attorney is simply offering his/her support to his/her client. Therefore, the attorney-customer relationship need to be available and with honest conversations and confidence. It takes a shared commitment from both the attorney and the customer. The attorney couldn’t give the best of his/her company when the customer isn’t cooperating fully. In the same time, when the attorney isn’t quick and readily available in answering emails or telephone calls, you are likely to get only disappointment. Thus, when selecting the “right” attorney for the event you have to feel 100% comfortable with their skills and comfortable when speaking with him or her. Your situation is too important to trust to somebody who doesn’t encourage your confidence.

Do you trust him/her?

People usually believe that an attorney can handle any case. No attorney is experienced in all part of the law. Therefore, to obtain the “right” attorney for the event you will need to not be shy about asking your prospective lawyer about issues before you obtain complete confidence in their ability. Then you can choose that attorney. While asking about your concerns, you have the ability to take notice of willingness to work with you and the attorney’s responsiveness. A few of the most significant issues when going through the choice process are you have to consult your prospective lawyer about:

– how much expertise have you got in this type of regulations?

– how many cases like mine have you managed?- request details for each one of the circumstances.

When you locate a lawyer, keep in mind the above mentioned suggestion for choosing the right one.

Hiring the Perfect Birthday Party Magician

For the wrong approach selecting a magician in Sydney for the child’s next big birthday celebration could be stressful. Hosting that specific “magician” themed birthday may also be among the most remarkable events your youngster young life. Magicians have turned into a stereotypical art that many of individuals instantly associate to kids’ birthdays. Like every local business, are lots of magicians available, plus they all offer to become the most effective. Therefore, who would you employ? You will be pointed by this report within the right way in regards to what you can get when selecting the main one you are feeling, and working with any magician is going to be better to entertain your friends.

It will take time to locate and find the one that suits. It is important to bear in mind that ultimately you are accountable for selecting the performer you wish to ask into your house (or wherever you are hosting the function.) Some may focus purely on keeping everyone laughing, while some may appear in a tuxedo and perform traditional, magic, using the basic objective of amazing the crowd and doing comedy magic. You know your youngster (and their friends) best, then when speaking with artists obtain a feel of their character and have yourself when the visitors at your party would love her or him and also have fun using the present.

Supply is very important as it pertains to hiring activity. There is nothing worse than locating the perfect magician who you actually relate solely via telephone, simply to discover he has already been booked for the party’s evening. Then, you are confronted with needing to be satisfied with another person, who you might not like almost as much. You then plan to fail if you fail to program.

Understand that you can find just a lot of breaks in per month, along with a large amount of kids having events across Sydney on a single time. There is no such thing as arranging a magician in Sydney too far ahead of time. The moment you choose you wish to possess a magician in the celebration, it is time obtain somebody, and to begin searching!

You are in control, so you ask the questions, the same as you are an employer hiring anyone to come directly into work on your house. Does he or she need to know concerning the space, party numbers, inside jokes, prior occasions, etc.?

Stay Nearby:

While searching on the internet, you will probably stumbled upon a few site that behave as “booking agencies” and attempt to link you with other artists. It could seem like they are located in your city, but they can simply possess a unique website (or part of their website) for each city. By keeping away from nationwide booking agencies, you save lots of cash are able to cut-out the centre man, and become in contact directly along with your artist, and make sure he gets all of the detailed information he needs.

Opinions and expertise from previous clients are extremely important! You’d never wish to employ a magician who focuses on an event activity they want to deal with your youngster’s party. Look to employ somebody who focuses on precisely what you are searching for, and particular, and has a history to show he/she is going to do an excellent job.


Pay attention to the things they say while speaking with the magicians on the telephone. It may be simple to confuse the facts of 1 person’s show with another while you are calling around. Make sure you hear and keep an eye on everything you are reading from various artists. Do not draw conclusions, or believe the first magician instantly. When the magicians you finish up hiring has certain demands or necessary rooms (like maintaining the kids in another location as the display has been put up), do your absolute best to make these happen.

Book and Ensure:

Never employ a magician without speaking on the phone or speaking with them in person. That is the only real method get your questions answered quickly, and correctly to realise their character. If any magician demands you book everything online, and is busy to come back to your calls, then she or he is too busy to deal with your event. Book and verify all the details. Many magicians can deliver a written proof which allows one to make sure he/she has your information and your right address for the party. Triple-check he/she has got the time all the details correct.

Things to know about SMSF Property Investment

Property investment through self-managed super funds is common. With potential tax benefits of having a tangible property to boost your retirement savings, and the pull, most are drawn to this kind of investment.

How will you make successful home investments throughout your SMSF? Here are a few important things you have to know:

Learn the guidelines and know the costs.

Rigid regulations, restrictions and restrictions affect self-managed super funds and buying property utilising your superannuation.

Be sure to become familiar with the guidelines as added by the ATO on trustees. As a SMSF trustee some of your commitments include: developing, implementing and reviewing the fund’s investment strategy, considering the insurance needs of all fund members, together with several ongoing compliance and administrative responsibilities , involving; hiring a SMSF auditor, lodging the SMSF’s annual returns, valuing the fund’s assets, saving and maintaining appropriate tax and tremendous records and more.

Establishing and managing your SMSF can incur expenses both in money and time. Because specific requirements, aims and requirements vary the costs involved may change.

Make sure you’re ready to make satisfactory efforts to invest in your SMSF.

This is where seeking assistance from a registered property investment company, before diving into the world of property investment, can pay off. Your professional property investment company should give you the hard data showing whether you are able to buy property inside possible and tremendous benefits, you should also speak to real estate agents in geelong.

Choose the best property.

The goal of purchasing property using your superannuation will be to invest in a home that may payoff handsomely to financially benefit your retirement. Make the correct choices. Find homes that have the potential to increase in value; get attributes that will be offered or rented quickly.

Get financial advice and more advice.

Finally, seek out SMSF specialists who will enable you to show you through the entire process and make informed decisions. Your premises assets through self-managed super funds will produce more great results if you have support every phase of the way.

As a way to verify whether this super-fund is appropriate for your particular requirements, you’ve to consider a couple of things.

First, you have to consider whether having direct control of where your superannuation is spent and a knowledge is appropriate for you. A SMSF demands your active interest and participation in setting up and keeping your super fund.

This super fund can be ideal for persons who seek flexibility in estate planning.

A self-managed super fund isn’t for everybody, as an example it’s not fitted to people who need the capability of ignoring it down the road and creating a finance.


Incense has turned into a life-style for most people. Whether it’s applied to create a great smell for your house or just to produce an environment for a yoga studio. There’s an incense burner available that will assist to provide you with everything you are searching for and you will never have to create or fuss over more than merely lighting the incense.

One good note about incense being common, is the fact that they may be identified and ready to purchase anywhere. When it becomes tough is the incense burner, you realise you can spend months looking for the correct burner to suit your lifestyle. However using the creation of the internet, it’s become easier to locate everything you are searching for. They’ll provide you with pictures on all types in addition to the explanations. Enabling you not just to appear through the various designs, but to locate one which may be satisfying for eyes and your fashion sense too.

Since you’re prepared to pick the ideal burner, it’s time to familiarise yourself using the different kinds offered to you. Every individual burner is explained their objective, although not just by title as well in selecting your perfect match to help you. Quite often used to put on smouldering or smudge sticks, also sweet grass blades or even to burn herbs, glue, or every other kind of non combustible incenses in these beautiful burners. Remember, if you should be using something apart from regular incense, you should attempt to protect the underside of the abalone shell with sand or ash.


The metal dish burner is definitely an incense burner all-on it’s own although it was unlike a ceramic dish burner, they’re ready to withstand higher heat. Coil burners are still another popular kind of burner, they may not be very easy to work well with if you are not used to incense. These circles won’t remain lit if they’re burned laying flat on the hard surface. The incense coil is supported by among the coil burners which are typical having a bed of prongs. While some you could find the coil incense offered with your burners. They could even be burned properly on the bed well-like or of ash on just about any type of dish incense burner.

Blend incense burners are an effective way to obtain one of the most return for the money. They are able to manage several kind of incense, that will broaden your perspectives about the different types of environment you’re opting for. Some might be cone-burners with perforated covers, or perhaps a level drive that’s numerous pockets to put on several incense at the same time. The most typical mix burner is the fact that of the bowl shaped burner. Quite often with holes within the part for stick incense combined with the well inside the centre to burn ash, and sometimes even coil incense.

Evolution of women’s Swimwear

Swimming like a sport was launched in the Olympic Games as 1896 in Athens.

Preserving the changing situations, swimwear in addition has seen an evolution. While in the days when swimming was largely a military craft, knights needed to learn to swim with their armour on. Of course, you won’t get anyone carrying an armour while swimming today! But in comparison with contemporary swimwear, swimwear in the 1920’s may appear like an armour for some. In fact, till as recently whilst the early 20th century, women swimwear had to include feet, hands and the neck.

Consequently, ladies swimwear started getting smaller, although shrinkage was steady. From completely lined gowns, by the early 20th century, women’s swimwear graduated to fully lined container suits to 2 piece gowns. In of a decade, arms and the legs of the tank suits began getting smaller, thus revealing over their predecessors. From the mid-20th century, present day swimwear once we know it, began making an appearance with two-piece swimsuits and corset swimwear, for within the legs with short skirts, spandex and plastic turned the preferred material for their stretch properties.

Commercial Security Tips

For any business with stock or equipment in this day and age, a good commercial security system is pretty much essential. They should protect you, your employees, your stuff and in the end your profit margins. So you should be aware of the latest technology available and the different systems that are available to install or retrofit.

Here we describe three key that can affect the success of your security system and how you might look to improve them.

Your Employees

  • Better staff training: Make sure your staff are up to speed on emergency procedures, entry and exit locking procedures, how to activate your security alarm systems and how to turn them off and what to do if something has gone wrong.
  • Access to cash should be controlled. This can include installing safes, creating unique log ins for POS system, implementing late night trade procedures, changing till point positions and more. Try to reduce the exposure of your staff to crime by installing protective devices and clear signs to discourage thieves.

The Perimeter Of Your Business

  • Are high quality locks on gates been installed? Has fencing been damaged? Are items such as bins located close to fences?
  • Do you have sufficient lighting for night time activity? Have you installed devices such as timers or motion detectors to help scare off potential burglars?
  • How about your windows and doors? It is surprising how many warehouses or factories have cheap locks installed, or have used hollow doors on some exits that can be easily kicked in. Experienced commercial locksmiths can help advise on better locks and perhaps even digital options could be considered. Windows should have security grills and stronger protective screens than just a cheap fly screen installed.
  • Fire safety devices such as sprinklers and smoke alarms should be tested regularly and should also meet Australian standards. Security goes beyond criminal activity. Fires can be caused by arsonists and hooligans as well as electrical faults or accident.

You Security And Emergency Plan

  • Surely you have a security and emergency plan in place right? If you don’t, make one as soon as possible.
  • Do you have floor plans detailing locations like assembly points, emergency exits and retreat locations clearly marked? Training staff to follow procedures in this respect is vital too.
  • Do you provide a way for staff fill out incident and maintenance forms? They are a great way to prevent future problems from occurring.
  • Enact a procedure to regularly change combinations, passwords, access codes, pin numbers, alarm systems codes and computer log in details. It is amazing how often old staff, visitors to businesses, short term contractors and the like are involved in burglaries after they have learned codes to access buildings or different areas within them.

At the end of the day planning is key. Talk too consultants about security, follow their advice and stay diligent in the implementation of procedures and maintenance of your security systems as often as possible.

With summer months away, kids gifts are now outdoors

If you should be looking to purchase an ATV or a Quad Bike, we’ve given below some guidelines and methods which provides an insight into things to search for.

Although several Quad Bikes are installed using a length enrolment system (speedometer with usage table) some off road models don’t have them.

It doesn’t matter if you do not have a usage recording meter, it is only legal to really have a speedometer fixed for on-road use. A few of the Chinese imported Quads have no usage recording meter or a fundamental speedometer whatsoever.

Buying Tip – Never purchase a Used Quad Bike or a New Quad Bike with no documentation. You’re 9/10ths of regulations the master when the car is inside your ownership. But, if you don’t have appropriate name and a hidden background is then there’s reasonable opportunity that anything might be from the control.

With summer months away, kids may wish to perform within the garden. So it’s essential that you obtain the correct outside play equipment to allow them to play with. There are lots of various things you can purchase for the children this summer, including kids scooters, swings, sandpits as well as cheap gym equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes for sale for older children. If your kids are somewhat older and need something entertaining and special to complete, then it’s recommended that you purchase the very best quad bikes for them.

Kinds of Quad Bikes

Kids love quads, so it’s essential that you learn more about them before you choose to purchase one for the children. There are two kinds of quad bikes for sale in the marketplace, gas and electrical.

Electrical quads are ideal for kids which are little because they do not proceed as quickly as the gas quad bikes and are also simple to manage. They’re simple to clear and preserve, so it’s best for all those kids who’ve never had a quad bike. Electrical quads will also be inexpensive, thus create a wonderful gift for Holiday or birthdays. See what Quad Bikes are for Sale.

Gas quads have powerful engines-which may achieve to high speed rates. These cycles are good for kids that know how to handle the machine. It’s essential that you make certain they understand how to utilize it correctly and cautiously since they can be quite dangerous for novices. You will get her or him a 50cc motor quad bike because they are ideal for entrepreneurs once your youngster understands how to utilize it properly.

About Author

Vikram Jayaprakash has been riding ATV and Quad bikes since he was 12 years old. He has 3 kids which are all expert riders and enjoy the outdoors.

Common Mistakes Made With CRP

Understanding and learning the basics of first aid could allow you to save someone else’s life. First Aid Training Courses are required by performing CPR, but nonetheless, it also is dependent upon the individual understand when a predicament needs CPR and to step up. In case of an emergency, seriousness and the pressure of the specific situation can cause individuals to generate some errors that are pretty fundamental. Being alert to the very typical errors can help you prevent loss of life and avert people.

Forgetting to Lean The Head Back

Rescuers jumping into activity before setting casualty into the right location and beginning respiration and compaction is a huge error.

Not Counting

Counting out loud highlighted during CPR training courses and is consistently presented and it’s among the very typical errors made in regards to real-life scenarios. Delivering powerful compressions is draining and thus the typical man can generally exclusively perform efficiently and consistently for 2-3 minutes. By counting out loud, you raise the likelihood of a successful substitution, as the following man can keep up from exactly where you quit at and already understands which period of CPR you are up to.

Neglecting to Employ Sufficient Pressure

Another common error is failing to implement sufficient pressure while performing compressions that are possibly lifesaving. Usually this is out of anxiety about harming the victim by causing a busted rib or bruising. Appropriate CPR training will make certain you certainly will teach you the unique strategies as well as positions that has to be adopted so as to do powerful compressions and understand the best way to use the necessary pressure.

Prioritizing Respiration

Follow the precise CPR process you’ve been instructed and never jump periods or prioritize specific aspects.

Forgetting to Evaluate Result

Another common error is forgetting or not correctly evaluating the casualty’s answer. Recall that unlike in the pictures the casualty isn’t going to gasp into awareness and jump up feeling standard.

Moving and Cleaning


Move out cleaning is one of those draining tasks for individuals moving out of their place of residence. Without fulfilling their end-of-contract commitments, tenants can’t obtain their bond back, and of course, they might have referencing issues on future rentals.

Professional cleaning services include a broad selection of cleanup duties.

– thorough carpet cleaning for spot removal represents the most often demands for that vacate cleanup thus carpet cleaning incurs an extra charge.

– wall and ceiling cleaning, curtain cleaning, oven cleaning, cleaning of your kitchen and bathroom floor tiles are the typical standard packages available with most companies.

– Outside window washing isn’t contained in the standard package; only interior glass window cleaning is offered and included in regular service. Outside cleaning can be obtained upon request based on customers’ needs.

End of lease cleaning must be “COMPLETE” at the least fourteen days before you vacate out.

Understand what you need to be done to be acceptable to get your bond back, it is not something you want to do yourself, you have other things to worry about which is moving all of your possessions and enjoying your new home.

The folks moving out do not need to be present throughout the end of lease clean. All of the cleanup duties will be handled by a number of people underneath the guidance of the manager and a checklist is followed to make sure every inch of the property has been cleaned and is presentable to get your bond back from the real estate agent.

Bond back cleaning is extremely hard to deal with, it is a unique service that required more than just your average cleaning job. Contact providers within your state to obtain quotes and furniture removalists Melbourne to determine their requirements. Making the effort for looking around might result in substantial savings!

Refresh & Beautify Yourself For Your Big Day By The Bay

In preparation for my wedding, I obviously wanted complete beauty care from head to toe. I found this beautiful day spa in Double Bay, they did everything from beautiful massages and facials to waxing and even beauty products to use at home.

I indulged in a facial treatment and got all my waxing done there too, and I was so happy I did. The service couldn’t be faulted, the ladies were friendly, professional and experienced. The salon was beautiful and clean and the time I spent there was so peaceful and lovely. The waxing was professionally done and the ladies were very precise.

What a beautiful day spa, the perfect spot for all your beauty needs, I would highly recommend this day spa when you need some time out for yourself, they also recommended I use agadir argan oil which is the best hair treatment product on the market, I would suggest writing that down as it has worked wonders.

The Mountain Buggy ATV of Strollers


I consider myself a bit of an off roader. When the wife started looking for the best prams I got involved in the process because I didn’t want us to sacrifice our long weekend walks together. The mountain buggy came recommend from a few places but we we ended up getting it buying our stoller online. In my experience the mountain buggy is the best thing around for a really durable and capable stroller.

Of course you can find out all the specs on the Strollers 4 Parents website, but I wanted to give a more personal overview. We’ve taken this beast all over Melbourne and done some pretty full on adventurous stuff with little Sammy in tow no problems. It really is kind of like an ATV for strollers!

Reasons Why Granny Flats are Worth Choosing


There is always an increasing price of property and it relates to the expensive building materials and the increase of land value. This is especially in such a big city like Melbourne.

Many people are starting to build granny flats in their backyards that do not require the high cost of building materials.

Any home owner with a decent size yard can have granny flats or bungalows built. They are fabricated on the manufacturer’s location and set up on the home owners’ desired part of the backyard.

Elpor Granny Flat Melbourne do not only pay attention to luxury in every inch of the flat, but they seriously provide total comfort through high-class amenities, without taking the eco-friendly aspect for granted. This is why their granny flats were awarded with 6-star energy rating.

Choices of granny flat design

When it comes to the options of the granny flat designs, Elpor provide flexibility to choose your desired layout. They can choose the one with two or three bedrooms, additional veranda’s, extra bathroom, pantry, kitchen, laundry facilities and many more.

What makes a good PR agent?

It is not a simple task. Let me tell you, I would know. I have been using public relations in my line of work for over 10 years. I have moved cities and states, and have ended up in the gorgeous city of Melbourne, close to three years ago.

Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city, a city of diverse culture, a mix of people, of food, of style and a place where likes and dislikes vary greatly. The business world is one in which companies compete for attention. They compete in their own way, and it will depend on the industry, company and skills of certain people involved.

To find a PR Agent in Melbourne that you can work alongside, that you can work with, to ensure you are able to meet any positive or negative events that affect your company, or industry, I would say look no further than one that knows about the following; Google Remarketing, Video Advertising, Social Media and can influence the Blogger Community. They are to be honest, qualified, creative and timely group of professionals.

When I am on the lookout for a PR Agency, I also look for a company that could take my company where I needed to go and that ticks all the boxes above. It is about conversing with the PR Companies, find out their style and their level of dedication to their clients. It doesn’t matter the size of the company, as long as the job being done has a positive outcome on my business, then that is the main aim and they have done a good job.

The Best Electrician Richmond Has to Offer

I’d recently renovated my kitchen in Richmond, we installed a new hard top kitchen bench, put in some new kitchen floor tiles, put in a new stove and decided to completely redo the electrical work for the whole house while we were at it. It’s quite an old home, originally built in the 1930’s, and we were still using the old fashioned electrical board with ceramic fuses and wires. In addition to upgrading to a new switchboard with safety switches, I decided it’d probably be best to replace all the old wiring, as well.

I asked a few mates of mine that work in the construction industry who they’d recommend to do all this electrical work and it was between MBE Electrical and Briggs Electrical was the way to go. They both do everything from large scale projects, to test and tag, down to residential odd jobs, and were happy to come out and give me a quote for the work needed.

The guys that came out were very professional and were able to explain exactly what needed to happen and how much it was going to cost me. Just to be safe, I got another couple of quotes for comparative purposes but in the both of these guys proved to be the better electricians in the area based on both service and price.

We booked in the job with MBE and they came out the very next week to begin work. They spent the entire day there and didn’t leave until everything was up and running and they even tidied up after themselves once they’d finished the job.

If you’ve been searching for jackets for women, then the search is over..



I’ve just been notified that work is sending me overseas in December for 6 weeks to help out with an international conference and trade show. It’s a great opportunity and I’m so excited. It’s in Berlin in Germany, which is a city I’ve been desperate to visit for a long time. Obviously I’m going to need to do a bit of shopping before I go – after all, it’s going to be winter over there in December and everywhere in Melbourne is only really stocking summer stock. I searched for winter jackets for women online and came across Toscani. They’re a boutique store based in Brisbane that luckily can ship to Melbourne and I found myself a stunning winter jacket that’s going to be perfect for the Berlin winter. It’s nice and thick and made of wool, and I can see myself wearing it every day over there. So for beautiful jackets for women, I’d suggest Toscani every time.

Splashbox Agency is the best when it comes to web development



I work as a freelance writer and most of my jobs have come in through word of mouth. In this industry, word of mouth is very important. If you do a good job, your client might recommend you to a few people. If you do a bad job, then your client will definitely tell everyone he knows to steer clear of you. For that reason, I’m very particular in the work I do and I make sure that every client is clear on what they want so that I can best meet their brief. At any rate, work is going great but I want to beef it up a bit more. Call me crazy, but I’ve never had a website. I figured it was high time to get one, so I enlisted the help of Splashbox Agency to design and develop one for me. They’re a local web development agency made up of a really great team – I’d meet the directors before through a mutual client of ours. I met up with them again to explain what I wanted and they were more than happy to help. I was happy to spend a bit more money than usual to make sure it was done right the first time, and I have no doubt they can do it. If you need a website, give them a call.

Want a garden but don’t have the space? Try a vertical herb garden



My sister has just recently moved into an apartment in town to start at a new job she’s just been given. It’s great as I already lived in the city and now we get to see each other a lot more than we used to when she lived a couple of hours away. She’s a big lover of gardening – at her old place, both the front yard and the back yard were full of garden beds, flowers, vegies, trees both big and small – it was like a forest back there. Unfortunately for her, the new apartment hasn’t got that sort of space. In fact, she’s on the third floor and doesn’t have a backyard at all. I know how much a little bit of greenery means to her so I thought I’d do some research and find out some alternatives. I came across a vertical herb garden which seemed like a good idea. O2 Plant Walls is a great little business that specialise in the design and construction of vertical gardens, perfect for space-deprived apartments. I organised to have it installed on my sister’s balcony and she loved it! That little touch of green makes all the difference and I have to admit it really does look great.

Call Haven Fencing for superior pool fencing Melbourne and beyond



I own and operate a little bed and breakfast about an hour or so outside of Melbourne. I love the change of pace up here – I used to live right in the city but I moved about a year ago and haven’t looked back. The bed and breakfast was an existing one that I took over, and it needed a little work done to get it up to scratch. Nothing major, but a few things I couldn’t ignore. One of the issues was the pool fencing needed replacing – it was old, rusted, and in one spot it even bent over completely. I scrapped the whole lot and replaced with glass pool fencing which looks so much nicer. The glass panels are really sturdy and strong, and the best part is that they don’t block any of the views to or from the pool. It really gave the whole pool area a rather modern look and I can’t wait for the guests to see it as it’s finished just in time for summer. The company that installed it for me was Haven Fencing, and they were great. I shopped around the get some quotes, and for the great level of work they did they were very competitive. Everything cost as much as they said it would and not a dollar more. They cleaned up once they were finished, too. For pool fencing Melbourne wide, I’d be happy to pass their details onto Haven Fencing.

Bond loans from Rent Bond Move for an easy move



I am writing to share my experience of using Rent Bond Move for one of a few bond loans. Little did my husband and I know, the bond loans that Rent Bond Move offer are not just for rental bonds! We initially got a bond loan with them when we moved into our new rental property 2 years ago.  It was a very quick and easy process, from speaking to their customer service team on the phone, to paying it off. The whole idea of us moving into the new house was to make space for a family. With a newborn on the way, we needed a little extra money to make what we once used as a study into the new baby room. Our landlords agreed to a paint job and new carpets (it had cold floorboards before), but now it was up to us to get that little bit of extra cash to cover the costs. With Rent Bond Move’s custom designed loans, they were more than happy to lend us the money to cover the renovations. We have an excellent relationship with them and will definitely use them in the future as we grow our family and make more changes to the house.

I found my dream home, all thanks to House and Land Packages Melbourne

For the past few months, I’ve been looking at house and land packages Doreen. I’m currently living with my husband in a small unit in the inner suburbs, but we’ve got our first child on the way and we both decided to get a bigger place with a good sized backyard and lots of parks for the baby.

It’s a lot tougher than we thought, and unfortunately many of the houses we came across were well above our budget and even smaller than we were expecting. We’re not experts on this kind of thing, so we went to Tony Tzouvelis who were able to put us in touch with lots of great builders in Doreen and the surrounding area. Immediately we began having more luck because we were looking at properties off the plan – most of the places we found were actually within our price range, and they had really good sized yards for more kids in the future.

The best part is that we could get a place we really felt was our own, and not just another dime a dozen pop-up house that seems to be the case with the majority of houses in new estates. Buying a house is a big decision and we wanted everything to be perfect. Happy to report that that’s now the case!

Overweight and struggling? Dineamic can help with meal plans for weight loss

I’m getting married at the end of this year, and I promised my wife-to-be that I’d lose all the excess weight that I’ve put on recently. I got a new job about a year ago that’s a lot less physical than my old one and it’s really starting to show. I just don’t get the time to exercise as much as I used to, and I’ve been eating junk food thanks to finding the website burgersofmelbourne.com.au. But no more!


A work colleague put me onto Dineamic, who can not only provide me with nutritious, readymade meals but also meal plans for weight loss so I can begin to get rid of some of that excess baggage. They’re really easy to follow and the meals are actually really tasty. I make a bunch of them on the weekend, and then freeze them to eat during the week for lunch and dinner. I’ve already noticed a difference and the best part is I’m really healthy again – truly the best I’ve felt in ages. For anyone else in the same boat as me, I suggest checking out Dineamic. Trust me, you won’t regret it when your wedding day comes around.

Get in touch with Dreamscape Tours for the best Mornington Peninsula wine tours



My wife and I recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. We got married way back in 1974 down on the Mornington beach and we’ve have loved every minute we’ve spent together ever since then.

Our two sons organised a really wonderful anniversary present for us – some lovely Mornington Peninsula wine tours. We’re both wine drinkers, and so they planned an entire day and night down on the peninsula at a number of wineries. It was simply fantastic.

They organised a Hummer (which you can find here) to come and pick us up and drive us down there; we then spent the day going from one winery to the next and sampling everything that the area had to offer. Red wine, of course, but also cheese, fruit, chocolate, and even a strawberry farm. Every little detail was planned in advance, and we didn’t have to do a thing but enjoy the ride.

It was a wonderful present, and we couldn’t thank our sons enough. We wanted to recommend the tours to friends of ours who might like to do the same thing. Turns it was through a company by the name of Dreamscape Tours, so if our experience down on the peninsula sounds appealing I suggest you give them a call.

Need a recumbent exercise bike? Head straight to Lifespan Fitness

I’ve always loved bike riding. As a kid riding my bike to the park, and now as an adult I do it as often as I can. I spent more money on my bicycle than I did on my car, if that’s any indication. It does take a toll on your body eventually, and I’ve noticed recently that my back and shoulders have been quite sore. A friend told me I should look at a recumbent exercise bike to help alleviate some of the pain, so I went straight to Lifespan Fitness to see if they could help. A recumbent exercise bike is a little different from your standard exercise bike in that you sit back in a much more ergonomic position which is great for your posture, as opposed to leaning forward all the time. My bodyweight gets distributed much more evenly instead of just on my hands and feet. After using a standard bicycle for so long, I admit I was a little hesitant to try the recumbent option but I’m already feeling better and I’m still having a lot of fun and getting a great workout, too. Lifespan Fitness have some great recumbent bikes and really good prices – well worth having a look.



For quality wrought iron gates Melbourne wide, give Haven Fencing a call

We recently bought a new house just outside of Melbourne. It’s a beautiful old Victorian era home on an acre, perfect for the kids. There’s even a little pond in the back yard. However, the fencing on the street-side of the property was pretty old and falling apart, so we decided we’d have to replace it straight away. My wife and I are really fond of the black wrought iron look and had a look around to see what we could find. We both kept coming back to Haven Fencing.


Haven Fencing gave us an obligation free quote for the whole job, and it was by far the best value for money we found. They could even do an automatic driveway gate for us. We ended up getting them to do the fencing for the entire property, not just the street-side, that’s how happy we were with their work. The guys were very friendly, showed up when the said they would, and made sure to clean up after themselves once they were finished. I’ve got no problem recommending Haven to anyone in need of fencing – they’ve got the best value for money fencing and wrought iron gates Melbourne has to offer.

The Designer Bridal Room saved my wedding

Looking back, my wedding day was by far the happiest day of my life. Everything was perfect and exactly how I’d imagined it would be ever since I was only a little girl. However, disaster struck only a month before the big day. The wedding dress I’d ordered online from a designer overseas had failed to show up. Gone. Vanished. Between the designer and the delivery service we couldn’t track it down – to make matters worse, it was the last one in stock and I couldn’t get another one shipped to me at all. They were more than happy to give me a refund but it wasn’t much help. I went into crisis mode and began searching for a new dress every day – during my lunch break, after work, every spare second I had.


Thankfully, I came across The Designer Bridal Room. I fell in love immediately and forgot all about my missing dress. These guys are so far above anything I’d come across before – each dress was so unique and the level of detail in each one was staggering. I chose a gorgeous strapless gown that fit like a glove and didn’t cost a fortune, either. For beautiful wedding dress shops Melbourne wide, head straight to The Designer Bridal Room.

Take the hassle out of moving home with Bond Loans QLD

I work as a property manager at a real estate firm on the Gold Coast, and in all my years I’d say the biggest problem that tenants face is paying the bond to their new landlord.

A lot of the time the old bond is still yet to be returned, meaning tenants are faced with the prospect of paying a few thousand dollars up front or missing out on their dream property.

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Mens Jeans At Another Level


Sometimes it seems like designers only really care about women’s fashion. It’s pretty obvious women are prepared to spend more on fashion than men and care more about it generally. That doesn’t mean guys don’t care.

If you walk around inner Melbourne it won’t take long to realise us blokes aren’t too shabby around here and finding quality designers that put as much effort into their men’s lines as they do their women’s is always worth mentioning. I buy mens jeans online from Nobody Jeans for precisely this reason. They clearly care about their line and men’s fashion generally and it really does show in the finished product.

When it comes to the rest of my wardrobe, I also do a decent amount of shopping at Aquila, from just selling shoes, they now also sell a great range of general men’s clothing.

Function Catering by Universal Restaurant

Function catering can really be a big hit and miss and I find more often than not it is the latter. The problem with catering for a big function is getting all the food out at more or less the same time and ensuring that all the dishes are cooked to perfection.

In my industry just about everyone is a foodie and people are judged pretty harshly on their ability to throw a party. We only use Universal Restaurant because they offer us the sort of quality and consistency you only get from the best of the best.

They are happy to work with us on custom menus and the practise tasting sessions are always a lot of fun.

Food Packaging Difference

I’ve been working in sales for a major confectionery brand for five years now. I manage the account of one of the countries biggest newsagent chains and while our sales had been strong and consistent, growth was pretty flat. Some of our competitors were growing so it was impossible to blame the space or the market, we had to look at ourselves.

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An Easy Drafting Service

When you manage your own build you end up with a whole lot of tasks you can do an acceptable job of but not necessarily a professional one. In some cases that is perfectly ok and easily justified by the substantial amounts of money you can save.

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Hali Rugs, I Hang Them on the Walls

The worst thing we’ve found about Hali rugs is not having the space for some of them. We have a small lounge and while we’ve had a Hali rug on the floor there for years, we really wanted a new one. We went in to Hali and chose out a beautiful new one and were actually going to clean up the old one and sell it.

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Pro Seo Melbourne

If you’re wondering how long good SEO companies in Melbourne take to get results, the answer is not two weeks.

There are a lot of variables and factors that influence things and to really get the best results, companies need a little longer than that, as much as 6-12 months.

If you don’t start to see anything after a few weeks you have to question how well the job is being done.

While longevity is a big influencer of seo performance, there are enough ways your web presence can be optimised that don’t depend on this.

I like rankONE because they don’t lock you in and they substantiate the money you spend with them through concrete results.

If your SEO providers aren’t doing that, speak to rankONE.

A Cute Cubby House for Your Backyard

Sometimes going to the park with the kids seems like the biggest burden after a long days work. After the first 4 years of being a parent, we decided to get some outdoor play equipment for our backyard. We don’t have the biggest backyard, but it is big enough for a few accessories to keep the kids busy.

We decided on the all reliable Cubby House and Trampoline.

Looking through the Lifespan range (which was recommended by a friend), most of them were so cute, and have such a nice aura about them.

We ended up with the 8ft trampoline and the wallaby cubby house, we measured the garden first and made sure it would all fit and we got the equipment in with room to spare.

I would really recommend these products and Lifespan for those looking to give your kids a little extra.

Enjoy the fun with your kids soon.